28Mile Gin-800

ADI Certified

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28 Mile Gin

Inspired by a traditional London dry, with juniper at its core, this gin has complementary overtures of citrus and a spicy base, which come together in a contemporary style.
  • Style – London Dry with a modern twist
  • Aroma – citrus, bay leaf, lemon, allspice berries, violet candies, cinnamon, and cumin
  • Taste – citrus, cinnamon, lemon with cracked juniper and whipped cream
  • Finish – freshly acidic with dry lingering base notes of classic cinnamon and juniper

“Pure juniper with Christmas tree, fennel and other well articulate botanicals drinks in layers of complexity and lingering, clean finish. Absolute classic. “
-John Barleycorn Awards

  • 90 Proof, 45% ABV
  • 750 mL
  • Small Batch Distilled

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